St Louis Arch


My ugly mug. is a self hosted site that serves to be my personal most visited site. I'll use this page to list some of the projects that I use (and have used) to build this site. The bulk of this site runs on an older gateway machine with a EeePC providing minor support.

First things first, these disclaimers have come about since I started this site in June 2011: is not affiliated with @sandersch's nipple.

jpope is the IdenticursarianPope. - @reality

jpope is a suitable noise level. - @whistlewrite

jpope is the caffeine king.

jpope has "the most self-hosted apps installed on your server than anyone else I know :)". - via email with @aqeeliz

These sites are also a source of inspiration:

Some of the projects that I am currently using:

Currently retired but notable:

Not hosting but am using:

These fonts are in use on the site:

Various sections of the webstack is built using and abusing:

...and of course:

Provided that I remember to update it, this list is in a constant state of flux.